Caroline's EP

by Cassiopeia

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This album is for Caroline. She will forever live on in our hearts.


released September 7, 2011

Jake Barrow
Ali Sarshar Khan
Cassandra Croft
Jake Heinen

Special thanks to Toby Reif for his assistance on the horn in 'Canyons'. Additional thanks to Jordan Adam and Miguel Vila for the claps.



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Cassiopeia Bellingham, Washington

Cassiopeia is Ali Khan, Jake Barrow, Cassandra Croft and Jake Heinen.

From Bellingham, WA.

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Track Name: Juvenile
Oh, what a stranger, looking dangerous.
Still standing pretty, she is one of us.

You say to make the kind of shapes to mold all your thoughts into:
"A puddle of conditioned mud is spinning in front of you to pivot and direct into a different kind of cue before it's all withdrawn."

I didn't ever take the chance to stand by the ringside for a middleman to refinance the comfort I can't afford. Uninterested, with no advance, I'll miss what I'm aiming toward. My ammunition's gone.
Track Name: Caroline's Song
When we met was when I knew that it was always you.
You were serendipity.

Forget your fears, just be yourself. Soon you'll hear those singing bells. She could be your someone else.

Since the day you came my way, I wondered if you felt the same. Won't you ever call my name?

And come what may, I'll keep the date straight to my grave. I'll remember it always. It was 1958.

And I'll travel through canyons and rivers and islands and anything else that would dare try to keep us apart.
I'll be there with you darling whenever I can, and whenever I can't I'll be seeing your face in the stars.
Track Name: The Willow
Gone are the days of the fog and snow and here, here to stay is the old willow. And though all the tears have left us dry, See! Not a cloud in the sky.

When we first met a year ago, how could we plan, how could we have known? Soon came the war, black and blue. Will I ever have you?

And with the devil on my shoulder, an angel on the other side, back and fourth:
"This could all just be a dream."
"You'll never know unless you try."

All is well here in the sun, still a shadow haunts me. Whispers me lies, says to "run, boy, run. Leave it be".
Track Name: Canyons
Somewhere there is dancing and other romances hidden under the stars. Sing with all of the others, all our sisters and brothers hidden under the stars.
Leave the 'lone' you've always known, save you from yourself.
Though there are canyons between us and a war underneath us, still our love lingers on. Soon it will end how it started: in a fleeting departure, but her memory lives on.
Give in to 'The Gloating Sun'
see the skies above.
Track Name: 1958
My dear,
My love,
I know that you're watching this up from above.

I'll let you take a piece of me to plant somewhere in fear you may forget how much you mean to me as time passes by.
Invested in the moment every time you shook your lonely head, unknowing of a tender and warmhearted part you played.
And if the only thing that's left are memories from a gentle past, I'll be fond of every dream of you that sleeps inside my heart, but will she ever come my way? Did she ever come my way? I'm just a boy with a dream, will she ever come my way?

It was the fourth of may in fifty-eight.
Come my way, nineteen fifty-eight.